Milwaukee Maker Faire

Well that was a blast! With a giant Gameboy and a flowery pedal car, we launched foam rockets, talked to many hundreds of visitors, and were amazed by all the sights. With medieval knights fighting 8′ Tesla Coils, adults racing kiddie-cars, a huge clothing make-o-rama, a plethora of new products and handmade goods, it was mind-boggling. If you missed it, check out Madison’s version in May 2017, or next fall in Milwaukee again! We’ll see you there!

4 Responses to “Milwaukee Maker Faire”

  1. Sandra Louis

    I always have a blast at these! Thank you guys for putting in all the hard work to make this possible 🙂

  2. Shane

    Wow, this looks really cool! I just moved to Milwaukee a few months ago and I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the cool places and events. That Gameboy in the photo looks so AWESOME! Will try to come to this faire when I get a chance. Probably December as that is when my job lets up a bit.

    • John

      Hey Shane, hope you made it to the Faire this year. And I’d recommend checking out the Milwaukee Makerspace, as it’s right there in your town, and a fantastic makerspace to boot! Best of luck, John

  3. Harry Benderson

    Where do I get that giant Gameboy? I’m not a covetous person but I WANT it now. Okay, maybe I’m a bit covetous when it comes to my Nintendo Gameboys. Those were classics and Nintendo made some great systems. Sorry, but I lost it for a moment. You guys in Milwaukee obviously know how to have a good time. This and the Fonzie statue along make me want to hop in my car.


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