pipe-wrenchFamily tools sitting idle?

Is your business no longer using a machine or tool?

Donating a tool gets it into the hands of someone who will use it, be grateful for it, and learn new skills with it*.  Tool Drive recipients:

Bodgery makerspace – Guests can use shop tools for free to make their projects.  Wood/Metal/Craft/Electronics/CNC – plus advice and training on their use!

Atwood Tool Library – Community members check out tools to use at their home, for repairs, remodeling, and new construction.

Habitat ReStore – Tools and materials are saved from landfills, and turned into newly-cherished items in homes all over Madison.


Tool drop-off: 
April 23rd & April 30th, 10 – 2pm

at The Bodgery:  4444 Robertson Rd, Madison, 53714


*And receive a tax deduction via our non-profits!



It was an era of tools.  Basement workshops were filled with all manner of them, collected over decades, carefully sharpened and tuned up. Autos were fixed, furniture was made, porches were built.  Spare rooms had sewing machines, drawers full of knitting needles, yarn, notions, and material. Clothes for ever-growing children were made, hats were knitted, and chairs reupholstered.

Then, time and health concerns intruded, and the basement workshop lights rarely clicked on.  The sewing room grew silent.  So many tools, once lovingly curated, now sat idle.  Children grew up but did not reach for those tools, instead they reached for the new tools – laptops, phones, and tablets.  Digital-savvy children were raised, furniture was bought, and cars were towed to repair shops. Fixing something became more expensive than replacing it.

Today, in a dorm room, an engineering student dreams of a better electric car. In a coffee shop, a tattooed mom knits a soft blanket for her baby.  On a dining room table, someone pauses the video and takes the next step in assembling their 3D printer.  Teenagers build robots, adults take up blacksmithing, and hipsters take up brewing.  The makers have returned.

And the one thing these new makers would love more than a a packed YouTube playlist is access to tools.  So let’s help get those silent tools into the hands of people who will use them again, sharpen and tune them up, pull them out of drawers and onto the table.

Three organizations are teaming up to hold a Community Tool Drive on two Saturdays in April: the 23rd and 30th.  Working tools of all types can be dropped off, donation receipts will be handed out, and great conversations will be had about where these tools came from.

The tools will then be made available to community members in three ways: using them for free at The Bodgery makerspace, checking them out of the Atwood Tool Library to use at home, and purchased inexpensively at the Habitat ReStore to tuck carefully into your own workshop.

So if you have unused family tools, or business machines sitting in a corner after an upgrade, bring them to The Bodgery on April 23rd or 30th, from 10 am – 2 pm, at 4444 Robertson Road on Madison’s east side.  As a non-profit we can issue donation receipts for tax purposes, and with our partners we’ll get those great tools into the hands of people who will use and love them again.

Please help us spread the word of this event: there is a Facebook event that can be shared, and this flyer can be printed and displayed wherever you like!  Please contact us with questions, and thank you for helping make this a success!