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A makerspace and social group for makers in Madison, WI


Our New Machine Shop Is THIIIIISSSS Big

Sean and Roger, our courageous volunteers, are driving 19 hours down to North Carolina today to pick up a donated machine shop there. It’s such an amazing donation, we needed a 26′ truck to haul it back! (Ok, along with some furniture)

Bill is donating his carefully-curated machine shop as he moves up to WI, hoping that a new generation of makers will take up the hobby and profession of machining.  Two large metal lathes, two vertical mills, and boxes of tooling and accessories are the highlights of this donation. And just as valuable, Bill is offering to teach people to use these tools, and guide them on their projects. Many, many heartfelt thanks, Bill!…

Holiday Hours

So you want a fully-stocked woodshop, CNC and crafts galore, oscilloscopes and welders over the holidays?  Well we’re here to serve!

We’ll be open both Friday nights, Dec 22/29.  We’ll be closed, as you might expect on both Monday nights, Dec 25 and Jan 1st.

Then back to every Monday/Friday, for the rest of the year!  See you there, grumpy cat.…

Triple Digits, Baby

It’s official…last night at Open Shop we welcomed our 100th member. And then another! Since June 2014, when we opened with just four founding members and a few tools, we’ve grown through two buildings, taught scores of workshops, welcomed over 1000 visitors at 350+ Open Shop nights, and watched as tinkers, hobbyists, artists, and engineers made wonders in our workshop!

Thanks, Madison (and southern WI) for sending all these fantastic makers our way, and helping us grow to dizzying heights!…

Our Anniversary

Google reminded us today that four years ago, we were teaching a “Summer of Making”, six workshops in Madison libraries on making all kinds of things.  Three years ago we carved a makerspace into an Artists’ Collective, and a year later we moved to our current building! It’s been a wild ride, with a parade of wonderful people.

This Saturday we’re holding a party to celebrate.  From 3-8pm on July 15th, we’ll thrown the doors open, serve food and beverages, do tool and project demos, and give tours.  We hope to see you there, and here’s to another four years!…

The Electric Long Board

Hi my name is Charlie and I built an electric longboard! The idea first came about a year ago when I saw a student on my campus blast past me while I was biking to class. I did a little research and learned that I desperately wanted one. Unfortunately a high quality electric skateboard is going to run around $1,000 to $2,000. I basically gave up hope.

Fast forward to a month ago. I’d just moved to Madison for an internship and was looking for a project. I discovered that building your own electric skateboard isn’t all that difficult. With a bit of research, and a lot of hands on learning, you can quickly and easily build a board that goes 30 mph and 10 or more miles. It all depends on your budget. I chose to go with a 6S1P battery system. Basically this meant that I can go about 7 miles, and up to 26 mph on a single charge. After completing my first board in the Bodgery shop, I’m already planning my next. In fact, as I …

From Scraps to Bench

Recently, one of our members was looking over his scrap wood pile, and noticed he had some nice hardwoods in there. So, after spending some time with our jointer and table saw, clamps and glue, this beautiful project emerged.  Note the great “tusked” mortise and tenon joints Jim used to hold it all together.…

Homeschooling at a Makerspace

By far, the Distance Award for our membership goes to Rachel and her family from the Viroqua area!  She and the kids pack themselves up into an RV and drive the 2 hours down to Madison to hang out at the makerspace, learn new techniques and tools, make things from their fabulous imaginations, share ideas and otherwise connect with other makers, and fulfill some of their ambitious schooling goals. We love having their energy, ideas, and community spirit around the shop.

For Rachel’s take on the Bodgery, visit her blog, and check out her business and other projects too!…

Maker Faire – Madison

A great day hanging out with other Mini Makers at the Madison Mini Maker Faire… Entertained by national acts and local makers, it was a conversation-filled day at our booth.  We ran a free block-printing giveaway, demonstrated a few tools, and displayed the wonderful objects our members and guests have made. Thanks to the Monona Terrace for hosting and organizing the event!…

World Create Day

We were super excited to host Madison’s chapter of World Create Day, an international event dreamed up by Hackaday.  We had several electronics projects going, a “flailing arm wild and wavy guy” costume being sewn up, 3D printing, and some project design work.  Check out the article on the worldwide turnout over on Hackaday!…

Skyrim Armor

One of our prop-makers, Luke, recently made a Skyrim Steel Helmet, from several thicknesses of EVA foam, slices of PVC pipe, and painted with acrylics. The total project took around 12 hours, thanks to design templates provided free by Bill Doran of Punished Props.

Take your costuming and cosplay to the next level with advice from our amazing members!