Welcome to the Bodgery

A makerspace and social group for makers in Madison, WI


CNC Party and Demo

Friday night we’re hosting a CNC party, celebrating all the computer-guided machines in the shop. The CNC Router from Milwaukee is up and running, and we have a new mini-CNC-router (the Carvey) to show off, plus the laser cutter/engraver, our 3D printers, the vinyl cutter, and a CNC embroidery machine!

We’ll provide demos on them all, so come explore the possibilities of sending your digital designs to a machine, and having it appear magically in front of you. We’ll have expert users on hand to show what these machines can do and answer questions.

See you Friday night!  (Mar 25th, 7-10 pm)…

New Tools!

Well isn’t this exciting.  Three new tools are now in the shop, ready for your project needs!  A metal lathe, tabletop end mill, and a sandblaster. Plus, a liquid-cooled stone grinder for jewelry, tile saw, another 3D printer, etc.  Stop by any Mon/Fri night and check them out!…

A Visit to Tormach

Members of the Bodgery were lucky enough to get a personal tour of Tormach’s facilities in Waunakee recently, and we had a blast!  It’s great when a company whose product you admire has the values and environment to match – it looks like a great place to work, the staff were really friendly and welcoming, and the maker spirit is evident from their history to the current shop.  We’ve already started dreaming where a CNC mill would fit in our shop and the projects we’d start on first!

The Octopus Foundry

Thanks to Andy, we had a smelting-sculpture party tonight at the shop.  Pouring the molten metal over cold water beads makes wicked cool sculptures.  Click through for the video!  Aluminum pour on the left, pewter on the right. …

Bodgery Co-Founder featured on Madison Noteworthy!

One of our co-founders, Karen Corbeill, was featured on Madison Noteworthy as their latest honoree.  It’s great to see others recognizing her passion and drive to build up the maker community here in Madison. She was interviewed at the shop by Brian Lee of Madison Startups and talks about her journey in founding The Bodgery, and maker/hackerspaces in general. Watch the video of the interview below…


Member Project – Motorcycle Hacking

The metal shop has been getting a workout lately. One of the fun projects is Jeff Finup’s XR600 rebuild, cutting apart a Honda dirt bike to turn it into a sweet build worthy of city streets or rough trails. Here’s his progress on the subframe, welding on a new profile to the back. Want some advice on creating your own Cafe Racer or Scrambler? Join us for the next Bike Mod Meetup, Saturday, Nov 28th at 10am – more details here.  Jeff will be happy to show you the latest version of his build!…


We’ve renounced profit! That is, we’ve been accepted by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), or non-profit organization. From the beginning, we’ve been putting all our income into the space, (paying rent), buying tools and materials so you and all of Madison can Make More Things at the Bodgery. Now it’s official!

It’s great to see our mission recognized, and we hope this status will allow other organizations to jump on board and add their support to it as well!…

Hacking Video Streams for Quadcopter Racing

One of our members, Timm Murray, founded and runs the Madison Drone Racing League. Lately has been working on a tricky problem of crowded video channels for the racers.  He’s made some great progress turning the analog streams into digital versions, for more efficient use of bandwidth.  He shares the progress on his personal project website…  Check it out!…

New Metal Lathe!

We are super excited about this new tool…  A Logan 10″ metal lathe, built in the early 1950’s, running beautifully in a man’s garage for many years, has found its way to our shop.

We’ll be building a sturdy bench for it next, and hope to offer a workshop soon as an introduction to using the tool.  Keep an eye on our MeetUp and website calendars for it!…

Member Project – Guitar Pedal Mod

David Jackson recently modified a guitar pedal for some cool effects at the Bodgery.  He says about it,

“I did this pedal mod because someone in a band told me that he uses one of these, and a guy in the Bay Area makes them for some of the musicians there. I thought, “I bet I can make one too!”

The Keeley All Seeing Eye mod is designed for the Boss DS1 distortion pedal, and calls for swapping out several capacitors, resistors, and runs the signal through an LED. A lot of clipping diodes are used in distortion, and I think the LED functions similarly. According to Keeley’s website the mod adds:

Asymmetrical Clipping to give you the Cranked Marshall Tube Amp Sound Increased Gain possible while still allowing you to use it as a clean boost Increased fidelity by the use of metal film caps and resistors.

Here is the instructable I used.  Try it yourself!”