The Bodgery is part of a growing movement of people gathering together to make, build, hack, create, and repair things. These are often known as makerspaces or hackerspaces, and they’re like a community workshop. You personally may not have an enormous workshop filled with amazing tools…but now you do! Because you can stop by and use ours for free, whenever a member is present. Or, imagine the freedom and power of getting a key for 24/7 access whenever you felt like making something! Just $50/month for membership and the world is your oyster.

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Stop By

Every Monday and Friday night we hold Open Shops where the public is welcome to visit, tour the shop, bring stuff to work on, and use most of the tools in our shop.  We also run monthly meetups that you can drop by for free, like Arduino/Raspberry Pi, Quadcopter Building, Steampunk Costuming, etc. We also put on regular workshops on Welding, Laser Cutting/Engraving, and Soldering.  Check our Events page for more info.

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Um, “Bodgery”??

We call it The Bodgery, from the British term for making or repairing something hastily, or “McGyvering it”. This, of course, makes us The Bodgers. The Wisconsin Bodgers. (heh!)


Our model

…is non-profit, designed to get more people involved in making things together. Guests are welcome to use the space and most tools for free, as long as a member is present.  No pressure to join, ever.  That said, there are advantages to membership! Bodgery members pay $50/month and receive 24/7 access, plus storage space, workshop discounts, voting rights, etc. Voting rights because we’re member-run, with a board of rotating volunteers.  We’re not only building stuff, we’re also building a makerspace and community!  Feedback and ideas are always welcome, although we’ll warn you, we might just congratulate you on your great idea and ask when you plan on getting started!  🙂



The Bodgery started in March of 2013 as the MadCity Makers, a social club for makers, creators and hackers. The group met to share knowledge, skills, and our passion for making. We met at libraries and garages around town, being social, sharing project ideas, and attending classes in everything from welding to arduinos. After a year, we outgrew small meeting rooms and needed a place to put our tools. So we gladly accepted an offer from Evolution Arts Collective to convert their warehouse space into a makerspace.  That opened in June of 2014.  Within another year, we were straining at the seams to hold all the people on busy nights, and continuous additions of tools.  So in July of 2015 we moved to much larger space on Robertson Rd.



  •  Makerspace
  •  Members get 24/7 Access
  •  $50/month membership
  •  Guests can use space and tools for free
  •  Open: every Monday and Friday night for Open Shop – Mondays are also Craft Night

4444 Robertson Rd, Madison, WI
(Off Stoughton Rd, between Milwaukee St and Cottage Grove Rd)

Questions?  Send them to: